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Fi tracker / AirTag compatible leather collar - Big Apple


This collar is designed for carrying your favorite tracker (Fi series 2 or 3, or Apple AirTag) with your dog during your walk. The small pouch hugs your tracker tightly with a style. 

We offer two widths (0.7 inch and 1.0 inch) for you to choose. 



** Available shipping within one to two weeks. 


Please measure your furbaby's neck circumference before you place an order. 

For a properly fitted collar, use the "two finger rule": Once the collar is fastened, you should be able to easily slide two fingers between the collar and neck. The collar should feel snug, but not tight.


 Size  Length (inches) Width(inches)
XS 9.5 in - 11.0 in 0.7 in 
S 11.0 in - 12.5 in 0.7 in
M 12.5 in -14 in  0.7 in
L 14 in - 15.5 in 1.0 in
XL 15.5 in - 17 in 1.0 in
XXL 17 in - 18.5 in 1.0 in
XXXL 18.5 in - 20 in 1.0 in
Custom-made Your size Your size 


Customer Reviews

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Chrissy Benney
Fabulous Fi

We can’t brag enough about the customer service at The Windy Glow. She goes above and beyond to make her customers happy! The Fi compatible collar is so cute with a little pouch to hold the GPS tracker. We get stopped all the time on our walks by people who want to know what Fancy is carrying around in her pouch! Plus, it’s a ravishing shade of red!

Thanks for your kind words!! I am sure Fancy attracts all the attention when you go out for a walk! Glad you like the new design!