"Dublin" English Bridle Genuine Leather Hands-free Extra Long Leash

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This extra long leash can be worn across your body so your hands are free to hold a cup of coffee, a phone, or a baby. It is also a great companion for two-dog walking experience. Our leather series select the best available leather and hardware. It is designed for high quality, elegant looking, and long lasting. Dark green leather and gold hardware provides a fresh spring feeling. 



Wickett & Craig English Bridle Leather (8-10 oz) is vegetable tanned cowhide that thick enough to hold big dogs. The waxy surface gives you a smooth and luxrious feeling. 

. Brass Hardware is shining. 

. Monogram embossment in three colors - classic, gold and silver. 

. Handcrafted in Chicago, IL



* AirTag leather case is sold separately. 

** Available shipping within one to two weeks. 


Size Chart 

Size  Length (inches) Width (inches)
S 104 in 0.3 in
M 104 in 0.5 in
L 104 in 0.7 in
Customized your size your size

Customer Reviews

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Chrissy Benney
5 Barks for Windy Glow!

We received the Hands-free Extra Long Leash for our standard poodle, and we LOVE it! It's a gorgeous shade of green with brass hardware. I feel so chic on our walkies and being able to use it hands-free is so convenient! We will definitely be purchasing more Windy Glow products!

Thank you so much for your 5-star review!! We are so glad to hear that you enjoy walking your pup with Hands-free Extra-long Leash - Dublin!!