Ma Chérie Mars Two-tone Heart Collar


Two-tone Heart Collar is an exquisite leather piece that beautifully expresses your furbaby's unconditional love and their unique personalities. 

Red on Gold version is named after Mars, a beautiful apricot standard poodle.  IG@marspinkamenapoodle

. Front: English bridle genuine leather in black

. Middle: Metallic leather in gold 

. Seam: Red

. Edge finish: Black

. Hardwares: Solid brass in black 

. Width: 2.5 inch wide in the middle, 1.0 inch wide at the end

. Length: let us know your dog's neck circumference, we will make a perfect fit. There are five holes to offer you enough room for flexibility. 




“The colors Scarlet ♥️ and Gold 🌟 carry many different meanings. Red can be the color of anger or deep love and gold might be thought of as flashy but also prestige.

In my home, red is the color of devotion and passion. Gold represents an asset of value, majesty and joy. Combined on a collar for me it symbolizes a celebration of life, triumphs and love.

That is who I am to my pawrents. While they keep me nourished, sheltered and undeniably loved, what I give to them in boops, cuddles and face licks is the embodiment of the colors and symbolism chosen for this very beautiful handcrafted wearable art.

Thank you @the_windy_glow

Mars “


IG: @marspinkamenapoodle

Customer Reviews

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Pure magic! ✨

We know Windy Glow from Instagram and from our IG friends. We’ve also been a big fond of all their products especially the handcrafted dog collars. They are really tru leather, really soft and comfortable for my dog. I highly recommend! 🤩

Thank you so much for your kind words!! It is a true pleasure for us to create a custom-made collar for Licorice!

Glad you like it and Mr. Licorice is a genuine handsome gentleman. :)

Mars Pinkamena
Scarlet and Gold

Amazing work from the Windy Glow, there's no shortage of care and attention to detail that goes into the handcrafting of these collars. To some it is just a collar, to me it represents the love my pawrents have for me. Packaged carefully, shipped and received safely. The Windy Glow does not disappoint!

Thank you for being such a creative customer!! It's our greatest pleasure and honor to serve you. You have inspired so many people, including us.