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Miss Mars Crystal Heart Collar


Miss Mars Crystal Heart Collar is designed for beautiful standard poodle Mars Pinkamena. Purple is her color. Amethyst crystals on top of eggplant leather creates a beautiful contrast in texture. Rhinestones are perfectly arranged in a heart shape, which immediately elevates your pup's outlook. 

(IG: @marspinkamenapoodle)


. Made of veg-taned English Bridle leather

. Natural brass hardwares

. Monogram embossing adds a personal touch

. Handmade in Chicago

*   Made to order.

** Available shipping within one to two weeks. 

Size Chart

Please measure your furbaby's neck circumference before you place an order.

For a properly fitted collar, use the "two finger rule": Once the collar is fastened, you should be able to easily slide two fingers between the collar and neck. The collar should feel snug, but not tight.


 Size  Length (inches) Width(inches)
S 11.0 in - 12.5 in 2.5 in
M 12.5 in -14 in  2.5 in
L 14 in - 15.5 in 2.5 in
XL 15.5 in - 17 in 2.5 in
XXL 17 in - 18.5 in 2.5 in
XXXL 18.5 - 20 in 2.5 in
Custom-made Your size Your size


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